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The Levant Passengers

by Richard Hétu

Nordic Light

by René Gagnon

Full Moon

by René Gagnon

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Saguenay Region oil on canvas painting by Rene Gagnon.

René Gagnon : Yes, artists can be successful by John Pohl

People talked about Gagnon’s work in the region along the Saguenay River between Lac St-Jean and the St.Lawrence River where he was born near Chicoutimi in 1928 and has spent much of his life. He grew up on a farm, but his uncle was an art dealer and he met René Richard, Stanley Gosgrove, Jean-Paul Lemieux and even the elderly Marc-Aurèle de Foy Suzor-Côté as a child.
Photo of Rene Gagnon in front of one of his large painting in his studio.

René Gagnon : In Harmony with Nature by Michel Bois

Underlying Gagnon’s instinctive application of colours with painting knife, is felt the presence of an organizing principle that binds masses and projections, sky and earth. While he resorts to the use of a silk paintbrush to heighten the happy effects of glazes, viewing his paintings, a constantly evolving world comes to mind, where cascades of water trace the earth, the cold and the light with luminescent grooves as perceived by an exceptional visionary artist.
Rene Gagnon devant un de ses grands tableaux dans son atelier.

René Gagnon : Atteindre l’intemporel par Michel Bois

On sent chez Gagnon un principe d’organisation liant les masses et les saillies, le ciel et la terre, donc. Or, s’il recourt à l’usage du pinceau de soie pour rehausser l’effet heureux des glacis, devant ses toiles, l’on songe à un monde en mouvance constante et dans lequel des cascades d’eau traceraient sur la terre, dans le froid et la lumière, les sillons de clarté d’un exceptionnel visionnaire.